Dr. Heather McKinney is a  Leader in Essential Oils, Wellness & Change.

She bring wellness essentials for wholistic living into your home, work & life.   

It’s your time to Grow. Shine. Thrive.


As one of the TOP Leaders with DoTERRA Essential Oils, Dr. Heather McKinney shares how aromatherapy can increase your wellness and performance. She is dedicated to support the world in learning how to safely and effectively integrate essential oils into modern health and wellness at home, work and various settings.

Heather is also an official trainer of the AROMATOUCH Technique, which uses essential oils to decrease physiological stress and inflammation, plus increase emotional balance and the immune system. 

DISCLAIMER: It is important to note, that all essential oils are not the same. Quality, sourcing, potency, integrity and purity does matter and makes the difference for consistent, therapeutic results. Therefore,   she only uses and promotes doTERRA. She believes it is very important for your wellness, results and safety, to only use certified pure therapeutic grade oils: the world’s most potent, pure, exceeding organic standards, indigenously sourced and heirloom based essential oils. The content on this website, in her literature, presentations, media etc, only refers to doTERRA essential oils.  

For more info, email her directly at Grow.Shine.Thrive@gmail.com


Heather McKinney has vast personal and professional experience in wellness. She holds a doctorate in traditional naturopathy, certified in yoga from the Kripalu School of Yoga and Health and has advanced degrees and certificates in clinical aromatherapy, natural health, holistic health coaching and life coaching. She integrates this knowledge as a whole life coach to increase wellness and performance at home and work, around the world.



Heather earned a PhD degree in Learning and Performance Systems and Pre-Medicine from the Pennsylvania State University in State College, PA. She earned a Masters Degree in Instructional Technology & Leadership and Bachelors focusing on International Business, both from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. Her unique wealth of knowledge supports personal and professional development for leadership, team building, systems change, organization development, quality and performance improvement. She is also the world’s first wholeologist (TM) focusing on wholeology: whole system advancements.  Dr. McKinney created a trademarked certificate series to help you advance in wholistic living and performance.