Oh how I love December.

Yes, we are celebrating the holidays – but it’s so much more than that. It’s a time of celebration, renewal, giving, receiving, and loving.

And speaking of love- I love nothing more than giving essential oils as gifts. I am 100% certain we can pick a special gift for anyone on your list – mother, spouse, child, co-worker. Just tell me their likes and dislikes and we can personalize an essential oil gift together.


Even with all the joy, I sometimes find myself feeling overwhelmed or stressed during the holidays. That is a very real part of December. So much to do and too little time. Stress coincides with the December Wellness topic of Gut Health. In fact we are in the middle of Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Week (December 1-7). However, “Gut Awareness” should take place every month.

Our gut is said to be our second brain because of the primal connection between the gut and the brain. During times like the holidays, when we eat foods that can create additional chaos and feel increased stress; we MUST send positive energy to our guts. What’s great is that many “gut approved” essential oils can often be both added to water (although normally just a drop or two) to take internally or rubbed on the stomach. (Note: some oils MUST BE diluted before rubbing on belly. And all oils should be researched for ingestion purposes first).

Some of my favorites include Digest Zen, Grapefruit oil, and Peppermint. Totally different oils – all with a very special gut purpose. Grapefruit oil connects emotions and the body and supports our metabolisms – for healthy weight control. I use it to ground in a healthy emotional relationship with my body (and belly). Although peppermint is safe to use topically it should be blended with a carrier oil first. Used in a diffuser it calms nausea, soothes respiratory issues, and lifts our spirits during this time of joy.

So whether you are using essential oils this month to improve your gut health or to enliven your holidays, take a moment to stop and appreciate this amazing gift from nature.

Blessings to Grow. Shine. Thrive.