In honor of healthy lung month, it’s important to me to share some things that perhaps the general public may not be aware of or may not think too much about. You may be surprised at some of the ways you can help to keep your lungs healthy.

Obviously, exercise and nutrition are important. I like to say that the more we stay active – the younger our lungs stay. Additionally, while all healthy eating is good for our bodies – the vitamins A, C and E and the minerals zinc, potassium, selenium, and magnesium are especially important for our lungs and respiratory system. Make it a scavenger hunt this month for you and your family to find new ways to incorporate foods rich in these into your daily diets.

Drink water. While it may seem like I talk about that quite a bit; drinking water plays an important role in lung health. Water helps to thin the mucus secretions that naturally accumulate in your lungs. I didn’t even realize that, and reading the reminders this month certainly has me making sure I get my water every day.

Cut out the bad habits. If you smoke or use tobacco products, set goals this month to find a “quitting partner”. Someone who will be happy to be your support during this time. Essential oils are beginning to play a role in helping people to quit smoking. They can be used as a replacement during smoke breaks and can be used to soothe us in so many ways.

Of course, it’s important to re-visit the air quality in your home – this and every month. Think about adding in some “live” plants and throwing out chemical cleaners and beauty products. Replacing with natural- even if you do it slowly is a great way to improve your lung health for yourself and your family.

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Let’s grow, shine, and thrive together!