As always, it’s my mission to share natural solutions to improve life.

In July, I will focus on natural ways to reduce inflammation, PLUS, as a special bonus… dilution tips to safely and effectively use essential oils with children and adults.

Arthritis basically means inflammation and while this is a major part of managing juvenile arthritis, it is becoming a major part of managing health in every person these days. I have received and listened to testimony after testimony of personal relief from symptoms of arthritis and inflammation through the use of essential oils. Many of us don’t realize just how debilitating juvenile arthritis can be. Simple tasks like walking can become a struggle. It is for this reason that July is dedicated to educating the public on Juvenile Arthritis. We all must work together to not only educate the public but to work towards finding real relief for those afflicted.

I love how one beautiful young woman facing Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis she mentions finding peace from a massage using lavender, chamomile or sage essential oils. Most of us don’t think about how it takes a team of practitioners and treatments for someone to really deal with a chronic condition. Those treatments combine the best of modern medicine with wellness therapies like massage, relaxation, meditation…all can using essential oils to enhance the effect.

While I could write all day about the benefits of essential oils on conditions like juvenile arthritis: I must also mention the importance of dilution. Like any treatment – too much of a good thing can be detrimental. I think this is where many people go wrong when combining natural therapies with modern medicine.

Please team up with an experienced natural health professional; and use dilution charts when working with essential oils. Dilution means the action of making a liquid weaker. Depending on age and size, like medications; essential oils should be diluted according to age, size and therapy. I highly recommend using Dr. Robert Tisserand’s dilution chart.

If you need help in using essential oils safely and correctly,  contact me to help you get started today by using DoTERRA’s  AromaTouch line –  click here – which is specifically created for personal massage and touch therapies to reduce inflammation and improve relaxation.

Some additional dilution tips include

  • Use a glass bottle, roller bottle or dram. These are available online and in specialty stores and keeps the therapeutic value of the oil higher than in plastic.
  • Apply properly diluted oils to behind the ears, nape of neck, over heart, wrists, bottom of feet, and to areas of discomfort.
  • Avoid all sensitive areas, plus skin around the eyes, inner ears and any broken, damaged, or otherwise injured skin.
  • Anytime an oil is noted as ‘HOT or ‘ALWAYS DILUTE’, only apply these oils to the bottom of the feet, even after diluting. This is especially important for oils such as oregano.


Let’s join together to educate and assist those suffering from Juvenile Arthritis and for all of us dealing with inflammation on a regular basis.

As always, feel free to reach out to me personally for more recommendations and therapies in dealing with inflammation in your daily life.

It’s Your Time to Grow. Shine. Thrive.

Dr. Heather McKinney