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This month I am dedicating my digital content to the men in our lives – sons, husbands, fathers, friends, colleagues, neighbors and more.


June is Men’s Health Month, and essential oils and natural products are fast becoming favorite topics for men concerned about their performance, anti-aging, and health.


One of the biggest online discussions for men is their energy levels. Let’s face it- with work, home, physical activity, and family – there is a lot on the plates of the men in our lives. When you don’t feel like moving; it’s so much harder to perform at a high level.


Energy and movement creates energy and movement. But for some men, that lack of energy can become almost a chronic issue. In recent years this issue has been pinpointed to elevated cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and even depression in men. Many of my male clients choose to take a proactive and natural approach to combating energy resistance, there are additional tips and tools that you may want to add to your overall support program.


Each of us has what are known in my world as “energy molecules” within our body. Our body actually changes the fuel (what we eat) into these molecules. For some people, these molecules simply do not convert in an easy manner. This lack of conversion can sometimes be assisted through adding certain vitamins and minerals into our wellness programs. Add common issues like inflammation, lack of sleep, and chronic issues (like I mention above) add to the equation. It’s easy to see why men and women alike are searching for answers.


One energy component I enjoy researching is the B Vitamins. These do help and it is proven, however for chronic lack of energy, the B Vitamins may not be enough. In recent studies, four additional components have become widely known in having positive effects on energy. These four components are:


– Malic Acids


– L-Carnitine


– CoQ10


– Ribose


In fact in one study of chronic fatigue issues I reviewed, people had a 45% increase in energy after three weeks of receiving Ribose. Ribose is now available over the counter and can be found in quality health food stores. There are even some good energy powders now that include Ribose.


Malic Acid


Malic Acid is traditionally found in foods. Mostly in fruits; and in very high contents in apples. Some people feel this is where an “apple a day” came from. When a body is low in Malic Acid – again, a body will show symptoms of pain and fatigue. I encourage all men to eat an apple a day.


L- Carnitine


Without L-Carnitine several things happen in the body. For one, a person cannot burn fat efficiently, and will gain weight. We often see this in combination with people complaining of low levels of energy. L – Carnitine is found in animal flesh and is normally used as a supplement. To get a healthy support of L-Carnitine, I am always happy to share Mito2Max with my clients who are focused on energy support.




CoQ10 is easily found in many foods and many wellness programs feel that a healthy balanced diet will suffice in providing CoQ10. This is important because it is so needed for energy production and for normal heart function. They key with coQ10 is that it is now widely accepted that certain prescription drugs will deplete this – creating a situation where supplementation may indeed be needed. Some of the drugs considered to deplete the system are cholesterol lowering drugs. I enjoy sharing our product Alpha CRS®+ Cellular Vitality Complex because it answers many of the deficiencies above and is a great blend of important metabolic factors of cellular energy, including coenzyme Q10.


In fact in one study of chronic fatigue issues I reviewed, people had a 45% increase in energy after three weeks of receiving Ribose. Ribose is now available over the counter and can be found in quality health food stores. There are even some good energy powders now that include Ribose.


Understanding Ribose


Ribose is actually a sugar that occurs naturally in our bodies. However, our bodies actually can identify Ribose as being different from other sugars and in turn, uses it for those “energy molecules” that assist the muscles, brain and heart. A healthy body will do all of this naturally. However, when our bodies are stressed due to chronic conditions, our cells begin to slack on ribose production. This usually becomes symptomatic as stiffness, pain, soreness, and even what is becoming known as chronic fatigue.


In addition, Ribose is considered to be directly related to the tiredness and aches associated with Heart Disease – because it is related to weakened heart muscles. I often tell my clients to stock up on high quality sources of red meat, poultry, fish, asparagus, broccoli, spinach and almonds as they are quality sources of riboflavin or ribose. In addition, B-2 is directly associated with Ribose, and always looking at your B vitamin supplementation is an option. Anyone concerned with this may want to consider using D’oterra’s Microplex VMz, a Whole Food Nutrient Complex that is cellular based nutrition.


Energy Therapy for men like any part of your wellness program requires over site from a healthcare practitioner – especially if you are taking prescription drugs or are living with an illness. I encourage you to get as much “energy” as you can from eating a healthy, balanced diet – which you can monitor using a food app and improving your sleep program (another topic I will be discussing in June).  However, if after a few months of honestly following the program, you are not experiencing improved energy levels, you may have depleted “energy molecules” that can certainly benefit from a discussion with an integrative healthcare practitioner about the above nutrients.


So where do essential oils come into play when it comes to men’s energy and performance?


Most of my male clients just want support for general everyday fatigue. For this essential oils play and important role. Our favorite energy supports include Peppermint, Wild Orange, Rosemary, InTune®, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Citrus Bliss®, and Elevation.


And please- let’s not forget the importance of hydration in any wellness program – male and female alike. Too many studies exist showing the connection between even mild dehydration and performance. With such a simple solution, take the time to drink half your body weight in pure, clean water today.


I look forward to continuing to supply you with male –focused education throughout June.


Take time to help the men in your life to…


Grow. Shine. Thrive.