So often we block our own health because we choose to ignore it and not invest in it. While that may seem harsh, it is so true! We spend so much time working and thinking about what we can’t do or don’t have time to do. Instead, let’s breathe, and get motivated to focus on what we can do.

In May, let’s work together to increase your energy with physical fitness and/or the sports you choose to play. Then we get into a place of joy. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that May is selected for a National Physical Fitness in the States. The weather has shifted and we can get outside and play. In reality, physical fitness can and should be about play. How did you play as a child? Did you run, dance, climb, and jump rope? Can you recreate that in your life right now?

Celebrate May with joy. Choose to celebrate health and the physical activities I CHOOSE to engage in with the full knowledge that these choices make me healthy inside and out.

I also choose to support my body and my activities with essential oils during the month of May- as I do every month. This month there are so many ways that I will use these in my daily life.  Here’s just a few doTERRA products that I recommend guided by this wonderful blog,

  • doTerra Breathe or Peppermint
  • Motivate ®
  • Lemongrass
  • White Fir
  • Lavender
  • Deep Blue ®
  • On Guard ®

It is my goal to make sure everyone who wants to learn more about essential oils with me, feels supported by the above products and learns how to effectively use them.  Breathe ® allows you to do just that, create a feeling of open airways. While Motivate ® helps your mind to get energized and focused. As you prepare for physical activity, try lemongrass, White Fir or Deep Blue® post workout to maintain a feeling of soothing or releasing tension from your muscles, and On Guard certainly supports a healthy system so that we can continue to stay physical. Message me to learn more and just play.

It’s time to Grow. Shine. Thrive.

Essentially Yours,

Dr. Heather McKinney


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*while supplies last and contingent upon starting a new wholesale or wellness advocate membership AND entering #44474 as your enroller and sponsor. See your new dōTERRA catalog for details on use and read all labels prior to applying essential oils.