I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from friends and family” “my doctor told me I am fine, he is not worried about diabetes until my fasting glucose is closer to 125.”

If anyone has been paying attention to recent news, they know that this type of thinking is exactly why we are at the point of pre-diabetics reaching epidemic levels.  Western medicine is based on finding a “cure” usually involving a medication, after one reaches levels for concern.

Wellness, which I am passionate about, is about identifying potential issues before they reach levels of concern usually through diet, exercise and other integrative modalities that support the organs, physiology and systems of the body to work in peak performance.

Many integrative practitioners are now teaching us that fasting glucose levels consistently above 100 can indicate future issues.  If it’s inching closer to 105, 110 or higher – that’s even more of a concern. Today is the day you need to recognize this, accept it, and take action.

Causes of Insulin Resistance

In fact, recent articles regarding this epidemic state, “it is an environment and will power issue, it is not a genetic issue” Let me repeat this – “it is not a genetic issue”.  While this is a generalization as there certainly are people with genetic predispositions to diabetes; it is more importantly the truth. Pre-diabetes does NOT however mean you are destined to become a diabetic.  Sometimes the best thing to happen to us is finding out the truth.



Risks for pre-diabetes and diabetes are greater for those with:

  • Abdominal fat or apple shape. This means you carry more of your body fat in your middle.  For women – it means your waist is >35 and men >40.  This abdominal fat is more prevalent in diabetics.
  • BMI> 30. Folks with BMI over 30 again have a greater risk of developing diabetes.
  • One of the most important factors lies in whether or not you exercise for at least 30 minutes or more every day.  Those in sedentary jobs or leading sedentary lives are much more at risk.
  • Eating too many unhealthy calories. If you are unaware of your calorie range and do NOT know if you eat the right foods daily – you are more at risk
  • Not eating enough fiber
  • A woman who has had gestational diabetes
  • Any person not managing their stress
  • Any person not properly hydrating

We know that the months of November and December lead to eating more calories, stress, and choosing unhealthy foods.   It is the nature of the holiday season.  But, the holidays do NOT need to take you off track – and you need to be especially conscious of this if you or a family member are concerned about your diabetic risks.

As a performance & wellness coach I write and teach often about Personal Responsibility, but I can’t help and reiterate that today.  If you are an individual or parent of someone with fasting glucose over 100 – you have a personal responsibility to take a few simple steps. Here are some tips:

  • Know your numbers. Test your fasting glucose. Make sure you are fasting properly and discuss it with your doctor.
  • Learn the Glycemic Index and use food trackers.
  • Set time aside to exercise daily. You are worth it. I know you may not WANT to do it – but it can change the direction of your daily life.
  • Drink water in place of soda, sugary juices or other drinks.
  • Find tools to manage your stress. Essential oils can play a role here. I love to recommend doTerra Serenity blend both as a personal gift and for others during this season of giving.

If you are willing to take responsibility and implement the steps above – you have a solid chance of supporting your body in ways that minimize the risks of diabetes.

The question remains – are you willing to become part of the answer to this growing epidemic making headline news, or are you going to remain part of the problem? I hope you will join me and become the solution.


Choose to Grow. Shine. Thrive.