WHOLEOLOGY is the study of wholeness to access and utilize whole energy. When you are whole-ly supported, the potential for better performance and living increases at the SAME time. Synchronicity happens over and over. Life flows to and with you, and lifts you up. Learn to increase your Whole Quotient (TM) or WQ with Dr. Heather McKinney.

About 20 years ago, Heather started to integrate ancient concepts from holistic living with professional studies in systemic change and performance improvement. The result…. is the birth of wholeology.

Wholeology supports whole energy through whole person development and whole energy systems. We integrate these concepts together to help you Grow.Shine.Thrive. Learning webinars, and more are in the works. So stay tuned to heathermckinney.com

Learn to tap into your WHOLE ENERGY…. so YOU can Grow, Shine & THRIVE!


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